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Buying a Car

  • a family signs paperwork at the dealership to seal the deal on their new family car

    Best Family Cars For Growing Families

    | Buying a Car

    As you add members to your family, you might be outgrowing your beloved vehicle. If it’s time to purchase a new car, making sure that it has enough space for your kids, their friends, and all of the bits and pieces that come along with their hobbies and after-school activities is vital. It’s also extremely important to make sure that the car you purchase will keep your family safe and be reliable for the long-haul.

  • a family choosing a car at the dealership and taking a selfie in front of their new vehicle

    How to Choose Your Next Car

    | Buying a Car

    If you're going to be in the market for a new (or new-to-you) vehicle soon, you may be wondering how to choose your next car. What should you consider when car shopping? What questions should you ask before you buy? Learn more about just a few of the factors to keep in mind when looking for your next vehicle.

  • Couple looking at new cars on display inside a dealership

    7 Great Cars, Crossovers, & Trucks With A Low Cost Of Ownership

    | Buying a Car

    When it comes to buying a new car, crossover, or truck, the sticker price won’t exactly tell you if you’re getting a good deal. Many outside factors can cause that seemingly inexpensive car to cost you more money in the long run.

  • man smiling looking inside a new car he wants to purchase with a 72-month auto loan

    Why 72-Month Auto Loans Are Gaining Popularity

    | Buying a Car

    The length of your auto loan term can vary greatly from 36 months to 84 months or longer. The popularity of longer auto loan terms, like the 72-month auto loan, is growing and for good reason. Longer loan terms allow you to pay less each month which gives you more flexibility in your budget and the ability to purchase a better quality vehicle.

  • young man car shopping after getting auto loan pre-approval

    Why Get Pre-Approved For a Car Loan

    | Buying a Car

    Getting pre-approved for a car loan lessens the stress of shopping for a car, and it could reduce the amount you end up paying for your vehicle by giving you a more solid position when negotiating with dealers

  • 6 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

    6 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

    | Buying a Car

    The first time you buy a car will be a momentous occasion. Not only is this the first of many vehicle purchases over the extent of your driving life, but buying a new car is symbolic of the financial responsibility you are capable of wielding.

  • couple gets a credit union used car loan

    Used Car Loans: Which Credit Union Is Best?

    | Buying a Car

    Securing financing for a used car purchase can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you have so many options to choose from. 

    Selecting a credit union used union car loan can benefit you in many ways. However, you want to be sure you choose an institution that provides the most advantageous options for your situation while keeping your best interests at heart.

  • couple deciding to finance a car vs. lease

    Financing A Car vs. Lease: What You Need To Know

    | Buying a Car

    One of the questions that might come up when you’re looking for a new vehicle is whether you should finance a car vs. lease. 

    Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and we’ll go over the differences between the two here.

  • couple getting a car loan

    Getting A Car Loan: 7 Factors To Consider

    | Buying a Car

    Are you on the hunt for auto financing, but wondering how to get a car loan? If so, you want to consider all relevant factors before you sign on the dotted line.  

    Keep reading to learn seven factors you should think about when you get a car loan.

  • car finance options

    Auto Financing: How To Do It The Smart Way

    | Buying a Car

    Many auto finance options exist and choosing the best one relies on an understanding of how financing a car works. Learn how to finance a car the smart way.

  • Woman car shopping online

    How to get the Best Financing on Your Next Car

    | Buying a Car

    Getting the best deal on automobile financing doesn’t mean accepting the seller’s first offer. To make sure you get the lowest possible interest rate, good dealer incentives, and a monthly payment that works well for you, you will have to do a little legwork—but the effort could save you thousands of dollars. Use the Chartway Car Buying Service powered by TrueCar® and start shopping now! 

  • Family in car

    What is GAP and how does it work?

    | Buying a Car

    What is GAP and how does it work? Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is low-cost insurance coverage that supplements standard auto insurance to protect you against financial loss in the event your vehicle is stolen or declared a total insured loss.

  • Couple buying a new car

    What is TrueCar?

    | Buying a Car

    What is TrueCar? TrueCar is Chartway’s Car Buying Service that enables our members to communicate with TrueCar Certified Dealers for a great car buying experience.