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Chartway will NEVER contact you directly and ask for specific confidential information (login credentials, PIN, card number, etc.). Be aware of fraudulent text and phone scams and take extra precaution. If you are contacted unprompted, please call us at (800) 678-8765. We are here to help keep your accounts safe.

Home Equity Loans
Make way for a brighter future in the home you love.

Home Equity Loans

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You belong in a place where you can thrive. Whether you’re in the market for an equity line or loan, Chartway can help you find the financing option that works for you. We'll open new doors with low rates and flexible terms so you can enjoy life as it comes.

Wondering if you’re qualified? That’s simple: You’ve earned equity in your home and you’re ready for a brighter future. More importantly, your loan amount is unique to you. We simply subtract your mortgage balance from your property value so you have a clear picture of how much you can borrow. 1

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Intro 2.99% APR* HELOC

Ready to make the dream work? Get a home equity line of credit for just 2.99% APR* for the first 6 months with Chartway.

It's the perfect way to take out cash, pay off debt, and make your home more valuable. The best part? You can even use it to finance that dream vacation, or anything else you need.

How Can Tapping Into Your Equity Benefit You? 

Sometimes you need a little extra money to make the dream work. The earned equity in your home is there for you to use. So make the most of it, with a Chartway Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit. Whether you’re facing college expenses, making value-enhancing home improvements or simply financing that dream vacation, we’ll help your equity turn your dreams into reality. Even better? Depending on how you use your Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, the interest may even be tax deductible.2 There are no annual fees associated with our Home Equity products.

Home Equity Loan

With Chartway’s home equity loan, you’re capable of everything from renovating your kitchen to consolidating debt. Terms available up to 20 years and they are ideal for large expenses where a fixed rate and term are ideal. Rates are typically lower than personal loan, which makes them a great option for consolidating high interest rate credit cards or installment loans.

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) 

With a home equity line of credit, repairs and replacements have never been easier. Much like a credit card, you can borrow as much as you need over a period of time. Your available credit is replenished as you pay down the principal balance, giving you the flexibility to use your line again. 

We keep our payment plans flexible and inclusive for all our members. Whether you want to pay it back in monthly installments or lump sums, or prefer the stability of a fixed rate and payment with our Fixed Rate Option feature, we can help you gain more control over your budget and thrive financially. Our HELOC features an Interest-Only repayment over a 15-year period.3 You can opt to pay as much additional towards principal as you choose.

For our members residing in Texas, we offer a 20-year term with a 10 year draw period and 10 year repayment period. Monthly payments are 1.25% of your outstanding balance plus accrued interest.

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