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Chartway will NEVER contact you directly and ask for specific confidential information (login credentials, PIN, card number, etc.). Be aware of fraudulent text and phone scams and take extra precaution. If you are contacted unprompted, please call us at (800) 678-8765. We are here to help keep your accounts safe.

Student Checking Account
Freedom and flexibility for your kids with parental reassurance and oversight for good spending habits.

Ready to have your teen moving in the right direction when it comes to financial responsibility? Chartway Student Checking is the hassle-free, no minimum balance checking account that gives them the freedom and flexibility to learn how to successfully manage their spending and provides parents with reassurance and built in control to oversee good habits.

Student Checking Account


No Minimum Balance Required

Person-to-Person Payment

$0 Monthly and Overdraft Protection Fees

Please call (800) 678-8765, visit a branch, or go through Video Banking to open a *minor account. 

Extra Perks

Chartway's Student Checking has the cool factor that teens and young adults need to make banking a breeze, while providing parents the peace of mind. 
  • Free Online & Mobile Banking – Perfect for young, active lifestyles

  • Student Debit Card – Use the card to spend and manage money the smart way

  • Parental Access – You can monitor and help them build money management skills
  • Fee-Free ATMs – Access to over 50,000 ATMs nationwide

  • Easy Upgrade to Convert to Cash Back Checking at Age 24 – Chartway for good. Chartway for life.

  • Get Good Credit Started – Free Access to Credit Score

Open a Student Checking Account

New Members 

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Current Members

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Please call (800) 678-8765, visit a branch, or go through Video Banking to open a *minor account.

Financial Foundations to Prepare for the Future

We're offering high school and college students an awesome opportunity to master personal finances with our exciting Financial Education Course Series. Join us and dive into financial literacy to take charge of your financial future!

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