Many people believe that the major key to a financially stable future is building a savings account. While making regular contributions to a traditional savings account is one way to build your finances, it’s not the only way. The major key to a financially stable future is choosing the savings solution that will be the most beneficial to you and your financial future. There are many options for making your money work for you, including taking advantage of higher dividend rates and compounding interest. At Chartway, our team is equipped to help you find a bright path forward and reach your financial goals with the best savings account for you!

Aside from our Prime Share Savings, we offer Custom Savings accounts, Money Market accounts, Share Certificates, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Each account has unique features specific to saving for your short-term and long-term wants and needs.

  • Share & Custom Savings accounts are great for an unexpected car repair or to save for large purchases. You’ll earn interest once your account grows to more than $100.
  • Money Market accounts are excellent for building and growing your emergency fund. The more you save, the higher your interest rate and bigger your dividends will be.
  • Share Certificates are for a set term with a single deposit and the dividend rate helps you grow your money for short-term wants like the vacation of a lifetime or mid-term needs like home improvements.
  • Traditional & Roth IRAs prepare you for the long-term and are an important part of your retirement planning.

There are many options available to help you save. Don’t limit yourself by only having a traditional savings account – that’s like hiding a piggy bank in the back of your closet with no intent to ever invest the contents. Instead, click here to learn more about Chartway’s savings options and here for our current rates.

Want to learn more? We’d love the opportunity to chat with you! For more information you can reach us using Video Banking, by calling (800) 678-8765, or stopping by a branch near you to find out what savings plan makes the most sense for you and your financial goals. When you’re ready to start saving, we’ll be waiting.