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Our Heroes

Wish Reveal for Levi


Levi  has always loved football but because of his illness, he is now an amputee. Throughout his journey, Levi has been very optimistic and just wants to get back to being a regular 17 year old. So when it came time to choose his Dream, Levi's decided he wanted virtual reality googles and an omni-directional treadmill to feel the sensation of running again. 

Levi was presented his Dream in partnership with Toby's Dream Foundation during the ODU vs. Wakeforest football game. He and his family were invited out on the field to announce his dream come true surround by thousands in the stands. Levi said, "I never expected this, this is amazing. I'm really happy, my parents are happy that's always good, its a good day."

Cam and Foster

Meet Cameron and Foster. These two met at CHKD when in treatment for cancer and were instant best friends. These boys, full of energy, kept each other going during chemo and all the treatments for their illnesses. In August, Chartway Promise Foundation and Toby’s Dream Foundation partnered together to surprise Cam and Foster with their dream trip to Disney World. The best part? They get to go together! All the memories of hospital stays, and needles will now be replaced with laughter, love, and fun. Your support allowed this dream to come true. Hope is a powerful medicine. 


Anna wished to be a zookeeper for the cheetahs.  Her parents expressed that she could share endless facts about cheetahs, and she had a stuffed cheetah she carried with her throughout her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Anna’s wish came true through our partnership with Make a Wish -Greater Virginia. Anna loved every minute of her trip to San Diego Zoo Safari Park and even got to spend the night in park with the cheetahs close by. It was an experience she will never forget thanks to your generosity and support.


At five years old, Audrey was diagnosed with Leukemia. Almost a year into her treatment, Audrey really missed being able to play outside and enjoy time with her friends. With our partner, Roc Solid Foundation, we surprised Audrey and her sister with a playground in their backyard. The power of play goes a long way in providing hope for children fighting serious illness.


Michael, age 5, is a friendly little guy who loves dinosaurs and video games, but most of all, swimming. “Michael has been a water baby since birth! He has always loved baths, sprinklers, water tables, pools, the beach - you name it,” his mother said. She added, “When Michael was asked what his dream was, he knew he wanted to swim! Michael’s wish was granted with a five-year membership to the local recreation center. When asked what this Dream meant to Michael and his family, his mother said, “We love seeing him explore and find something new with each visit. Watching him enjoy a normal childhood with his siblings is something we will cherish for our entire lifetime. Thank you for making this dream come true!


Syrus, age 16, is a soft-spoken young man who had a big dream. ‘I’ve always wanted a dog, specifically, a Siberian Husky. There is something about their personalities – they’re so smart and goofy,’ he said. ‘In elementary school, Syrus brought home a book on Siberian Huskies – it’s all he ever talked about,’ his mother said. Having gone through so much, Syrus knew that having a canine companion would bring him the emotional support he needed. 

With the help of our partner, Toby’s Dream Foundation, Syrus got to pick out his pup, spending time getting to know each one and settled on a sweet little girl…but then another little girl caught his eye on the other side of the room. ‘I really liked the first dog I picked,’ he said, ‘but when I saw Luna, I don’t know how to describe it – I just loved her.’ ‘She was just so peaceful and quiet – just like Syrus,’ his mother said.  ‘Luna is SWEET, such a lady! And has brought so much joy into our home. You can see the labor of love that was put into this Dream. Thank you!"