The first of the month is peeking around the corner and many of us are bracing ourselves for the influx of bills that comes with the start of a new year. The transition from Happy Holidays to Happy New Year might be stressful, especially when we're reminded of all the financial responsibilities we have - but it doesn't have to be.

The interim between major holidays can be accompanied by anxiety, that’s why, at Chartway, we want to help you find financial balance and navigate the uncertainties that may interrupt your cash flow as you prepare for 2023. If you're a gift giver, you may have spent quite a few pretty pennies finding the perfect presents, so we encourage you to try to hold onto your dollars and cents and only spend on what you really need. By creating a budget that's tailored to your financial goals and sticking to it, you'll not only eliminate stress, but you'll also be better prepared for the unexpected throughout the year.

If you're looking to build your savings now, you might consider having a fun and intimate New Year's Eve celebration at home with your loved ones instead of going out. Not only will you have some money in your pocket, but you'll also be able to start the new year feeling financially responsible and ready to take on the new 365 days ahead.

At Chartway, we hope you’ll prioritize your mental health and well-being. You should be a top priority and the best version of yourself as we say goodbye to one year and hello to another. We want to see you thrive financially in the new year with less anxiety and more financial stability - we're here for you. Stop by your local branch and speak with a financial adviser today. We’re here for all your financial needs and we want to help you bring in the New Year on a high note, the way that suits you best - the Chartway.

Happy New Year!